Internal events

Motivational Weekend

Every semester we organise a motivational weekend for the local group in a nearby town, where our members participate in soft skills training sessions. During the day we discuss development points of our local group and if the weather is nice, we spend some hours hiking as well.

Regional Meeting

The delegates of BEST Budapest spend 4-5 days with the nearby local BEST groups twice a year. The aim of these events is to discuss international matters, develop the members of BEST through training sessions and it helps the members from different groups to get to know each other better.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is organised twice a year, where international bodies and the delegates from the local groups, altogether 200-300 members discuss and make decisions regarding the matters of the organisation.

Joint Board Training

Each year in September – October the newly elected boards of the closest BEST groups come together and participate in training sessions about leadership skills. This event helps the boards of the local groups to start their mandate effectively and guide the local groups in a smooth way for the next year.