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Who are we?

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an international non-profit student organization of European engineering students which is currently active in 86 technical universities of 30 countries. BEST aims to prepare future engineers for international work in a multicultural environment. Since its foundation in 1989, the organization’s innovative and up-to-date international programs provide engineering students with a broad development of their skills and an introduction to other cultures. As a result, BEST adds significant value to university education and helps students become active members of their communities. During our events, students can acquire the knowledge that will greatly help them in their future career. In order to achieve this, we organize professional courses all over Europe, engineering competitions and career events for those interested!

BEST Budapest was founded as a local group of the Board of European Students of Technology student organization in 1989 at the Budapest University of Technology, as one of the founding members of the international organization. In 1992, Local BEST Group (LBG) Budapest held its very first job fair at the Budapest University of Technology together with the Budapest group of IAESTE. The engineering competition organized by BEST Budapest in 2007 was the first contest of its kind for engineers in Hungary.

How can you support us?

Help the development of engineering education with 1% of your tax! All you have to do is to provide the data of our non-profit association when you pay 1+1% of your personal income tax:

Tax number: 18149636-1-42

Name: Európai Mérnökhallgatók Egyesülete Helyi Csoportja Közhasznú Egyesület

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What do we use the donations for? 

We support and motivate students studying at our university to participate in one of the 100 professional and educational development courses held throughout Europe, our engineering competition or training events. Students participating in the courses have the opportunity to get to know the culture of several countries, thereby becoming more open-minded and accepting of other cultures. At these events, communication takes place in English, so students can practice using a foreign language and learn the technical language of the topic. The participants get to know engineering students studying in a similar field, so while they prepare for cooperation in an international team, they also expand their personal network. We regularly organize such professional courses for both foreign and local students.

In addition to gaining engineering experience, students who participate in our engineering competitions and training events learn to work in a team, develop their interpersonal and presentation skills, and their professional English language. Our participants can acquire skills that will significantly increase their chances of employment after graduating from university, and the value-creating work they perform will be innovative and of a higher quality. In addition, they have the opportunity to establish contact with companies, through which they can gain insight into the operation of the companies and build solid labor market relations. We organize the first, local round of the engineering competition every year.

We also provide our members with numerous further training opportunities: various trainings are organized on our Self-Training Weekends – strategic planning, presentation skills development, corporate relations, image building and marketing, personality development. We also provide advanced level training for the organizers of our projects, where they learn the basics of project management and group dynamics.

Based on these, our organization develops engineering students through skill improvement, dissemination of knowledge, training and employment of young people starting careers, and promoting their European integration.

You can read about our latest events under the Events tab. 

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