The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is one of the biggest engineering competitions in Europe. The competition is organised by BEST, in which more than 5000 students from 83 leading universities in 30 countries participate every year.

Students can apply to the competition in teams of four, where they get the chance to experience working in a team. The aim of the competition is to give Students an opportunity to test the knowledge they gained during their studies and to challenge their problem solving, creative thinking skills in a friendly atmosphere. There are no preparations needed before, the tasks will be distributed at the event and the solutions need to be created throughout the day of the competition.


The competition is divided into two main components, the Case Study and the Team Design.

CASE STUDY: In this competition, teams of four students gather to provide a solution to a technical or a management problem provided by our case study partners. The teams will be given a limited amount of time to solve and pitch their approach to our EBEC jury. 

TEAM DESIGN: In this part, teams of four students will tackle a technical problem but this time in practice. The team has to design a physical solution using the given materials. The teams need to solve the problem in a limited amount of time and present their solution to the EBEC jury. 

A local round is held by BEST Budapest each year around the beginning of March.

For more information click here. You can always send us an email for more information on budapest@BEST.eu.org.