BEST Courses

Learn & discover Europe on a budget!

BEST Courses are 8 – 15 day long events that provide a great chance to discover a new field or delve into a known one while exploring an incredible European city! The courses offer a wide range of topics, from the art of cooking pasta to robot programming, management or economy. During the events, all catering and accommodation are covered by a maximum fee of 33 €, you only have to pay for the travel costs besides this!

Choose an event

  • If you do not yet have an account, register here.
  • Go to the list of events, choose the course you want to apply to and click apply link. Write your Motivation Letter, you can find some tips here.
  • After entering the applications, contact us ( ) to validate your account.

If accepted

  • Pay the deposit if you were accepted to one of the events. You can find the times to do so on our website.
  • Travel to the event and have fun 🙂 You will need to pay the participation fee after you arrived there.
  • Evaluate the event (after participating in it) – you will need to login to the website to do it.
  • Get your deposit back.

Helpful document

Before you travel, make sure you have everything in place. You can find help in the Never Alone Guide.