BEST Symposia on Education 2020

Ever thought of how you can impact education all around Europe in a fun and creative way?

Do you want to help develop Digital Literacy all over Europe? Well, join us in an adventure and let us whisk you away on a magical journey! This is  your ticket to platform 9 ¾ all the way to the Hogwarts of Digital Literacy, right here in Budapest!

Are you feeling hyped?

Discover the beautiful city of Budapest with us, not just the most impressive buildings like the Parliament but see the city with the eyes of locals. Try our traditional dishes like lángos and goulash soup, taste our national drinks. Feel the atmosphere of our city with the company of amazing people from all around Europe!

You can find some more information about our course in the Documents section below. Have a look at the Schedule and the Survival Guide!

Arrival date: 05.07.2020

Departure day: 12.07.2020

Put it in your calendar!

Survival Guide: This document is a brief guide on how to survive the Hungarian reality. Here you’ll find some information about our beautiful city. Besides some general information and the important sights you’ll also be informed about typical foods and drinks.

Schedule: Here you can find the schedule for the BEST Symposia on Education 2020 in Budapest! Schedule is just an indication, changes can and will be made. We will update this document when we’ll know more details about the social activities and sessions.

So, are you looking forward to experience the BEST week of your life?

The organizers and content team are eagerly waiting for you!

Local organizers

Boglárka Duray (Main Organizer)

Content team

Zhivko Serafimoski (BSE Coordinator)